The person knowing rides a many shop だけどもさ … egg here;, as for the fried rice, is mushy; shiningly “まんねん” of the east street
くる天 人気ブログランキング

Approach it for the end of August, and 思 breath and the one which become easy to considerably spend are mysterious when is hotter; though did it with nearly 40 degrees nowadays for the end in July, 終 わるってことなんやろなー is vain like that … summer; appear.
I want to eat even unusual fried rice on such a day. It is a charr hunter.

By the way, I want to go to “まんねん” of the ramen shop in the east street mall today.

Because there is it at the east street mall of the bar street; for a drinking session return only in the whole going in a group of men in the last go to close it, and play greedily too much, and the last train is over, and let’s think after having decreased by a stomach first of all, and eating “まんねん”!
There are not many people from って, too; shall do it?
Quite night busy shop なんですよ, here!

Though the ramen is delicious for loss, the shop side guesses オムチャーハン; and this is a noted product, too! I do a previous tool for a feeling to be.


I always eat sets with the ramen, but want to go by a one of オムチャーハン (650 yen) game this time.
There is it with others, fried rice and kimchi fried rice.

It was right in the middle in noon, but the visitor was sparse.
After all, as is expected, is there not the person of this company work that I go, and going comes to eat a meal at noon because night is Maine to here?

That reminds me the story burn that does not have relations
A shop of Doyama of TSUTAYA closed. It is the greatest thing in old days that I am sorry because there are many people who watch the memory that I asked for a rental for occasionally in a net without renting it in shop だったのやけどなぁもう now that there is.

It is an appearance of オムチャーハン for ってな reason.


The burn “unpleasant cuttlefish which I get it, and there is many it to … there, and there is not” which said that capacity was one piece of article at the time of an order that there was quite many it

Oh, the careful thing will reach without minding it.
I finish it with the egg which I put the thing which cut the roasted pork fillet which I use for ramen in cubes in gently light and pick you up on fried rice.
Fried rice in itself fries it with a carrot and a leek and an egg, and the seasoning seems to be Chinese soup stock and salt and Ajinomoto.
Even this toasted rice ball is delicious, but a tapir tapir is good in reliable taste when I join with チャーシューオム.
I think that this rather deep ramen and affinity are good because there are many people who order what I finish slightly thin with a set with the ramen.

Fried rice parameter

A store’s name: The まんねん Umeda head office
An address: 〒 530-0027 5-9, Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka fan hall
telephone: 06-6315-5121