Oh, I wonder … Well no, the king of Takatsuki is quite rich in menus,  call, cooked rice cooked curry
くる天 人気ブログランキング

I would like to introduce the Takatsuki king in this time.

Actually there is a direct management and franchise (FC)
The shop of FC has wide range of original original menu of shop
It is probably not directly owned from the headquarters of the king, so it seems that there is no such thing as that
What a strange thing that seems to be the title (lol) of this menu is eaten.
There is a case that its free store style and seasoning also has somewhat unique feeling
Mecha got a huge delicious kingdom come across many things. In the translation
Phantom became longer,
It is the king in front of this JR Takatsuki station, but I felt this was like an FC-like atmosphere from before
I tried going for what kind of menu is there.


It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a board for daily lunch

Pork curry baked rice + crab salt ramen + mini vegetable spring roll
At least 639 yen! !
Do not you think that it is cheap even if it is tax excluded! ! !

This may be my selfish thought, but FC’s original menu
There are a lot of pretty good price settings right?

I do not think I should eat this.


It seems that this lunch presumption is also in the shop.

There are other attractive menus, which were slightly shaky, but I made it to a set of sweet rice dishes of today’s lunch.

came out! ! We cook rice with curry! !

Grilled rice is the taste of the usual king of cooked rice.
Curry is a shabby type of shabby-
It is a bit spicy and delicious. Good compatibility with grilled rice
I can go back.
The ingredients of curry were onions and carrots, small pork was a little lonely feeling.

The ingredients of baked rice is simple system of egg and leek.


The remaining ramen and spring roll, this is also refreshing and delicious.

Fried rice parlor
After all the curry is delicious even if it is plain and the feeling that it fits the baked good is good,
I felt it was a long time to roast with a Chinese pot from the usual king, and I feel that it also contributes to a sense of flavor.


Name of store: King of dumplings JR Takatsuki store
Address: 1-7-10 Akutagawa cho, Takatsuki-shi 569-1123
Phone: 072-682-8192