Seven-Eleven fried rice balls with a little oily feeling
くる天 人気ブログランキング

At Seven Eleven where I went to boy jump and buy milk
If you look at the onigiri corner near the cash register, you will see a special fried rice ball

I remember eating it once in the past, but I forgot what taste it was, and the convenience store rice balls had changed over time and the product name changed.

I was interested in it and bought it.





It has the official name “Taste of Ramen Restaurant! Special Fried Rice”.

135 yen including tax.

I use trehalose as an artificial sweetener.

I remember that this was originally created by a company called Hayashibara in Okayama.

Hayashibara is also a family run man and his brother’s brother’s president and his brother’s senior management, I forgot which one did what

It blew down under the sun and it continued to collapse.

Hayashibara, an excellent biotechnology company, developed the dream artificial sweetener, Trehalose! ! Well, let’s talk about trehalose around here …

I want to go with the way that the chin is delicious in the range I am writing.

20 seconds in 600W range.



There are quite a lot of ingredients, including eggs, leeks and char siu. The taste may not be like a fried rice in a ramen shop,

It is quite delicious. There used to be a chain of surprised ramen in the past, and it tastes similar to fried rice there.

It just feels a bit more oily. Maybe you feel so much more because you chin.

Fried rice parameters