Omurice at RON Ron, a Western restaurant that is always lined up on rainy and windy days
くる天 人気ブログランキング

Today I came to Umeda’s Third Avenue Underground Dining Area.

There are various shops and you can come from the station without getting wet, so it is full of rainy days and windy days.

There are shops that line up especially on any day

Did you know about the Western restaurant RON Ron?

It is next to a restaurant where the rice and ingredients of the festival drum come out separately.

It’s been around for a long time and it’s always lined up.




I ate a few years ago, but sometimes

After all it is lined up, it is severe in time and I can not eat it at all since then …

I have omurice and wanted to eat

11:30 when passing nearby, and many people refrain from going out due to coronavirus

In the situation where only a few people are lined up, we will enter as a bit early lunch.

(At the time of this writing, teleworking, shortening of shops, etc. were in a serious situation due to the influence of the global corona, and it was making a lot of noise around the world. I wish I could …)

About 5 people were lined up, so it was time to replace them, so we put them in immediately.

* Before you enter, you will be asked for your order ahead of time, and place your order at the Omurice Hamburger Set.




It’s probably because I ordered it in advance and started making it

I came soon!

An amazing combination …

The eggs are fluffy as shown in the photo and look very delicious.




Well, eating!

Inside the egg is ketchup rice and the ingredients are simple rice with a little chopped onion

The taste of ketchup is slightly thinner.

There is a fluffy egg there and a dish with demiglace sauce,

In terms of characters, it may be just a ketchup price,

It is quite delicious when you eat it with the Demigrass sauce.

And the hamburger, the moment you cut it, the meat is juiced and the meat is grinded (the ratio is unknown)

I finished eating immediately because it was a little small … a little sad.

Well, this amount may not be good.

Job hunting girls are eating at the table, and when I enter the store

Even after you finish eating, the story is exciting, the number of seats is small, and the taste is delicious, but there are reasons to line up in various ways.

I ’m not saying that I ’m going to eat and go out

Be sure to leave the shop before the water drops around the glass are collected on the table and the puddles are too much!

Fried rice parameters

店名:グリル ロン 阪急三番街店
住所:大阪府大阪市北区芝田1-1-3 阪急三番街 B2F