The inside of the store is continental tone, and the amount is firmly secured.
くる天 人気ブログランキング

I am on the second basement floor of the third building in front of the Osaka station building.

I used to go to China where the music of Chinese artists was strong in the station square building,

This is also a shop that has been very popular in China.

The name is “Gourmet Tenchi Haruka”

There are a wide variety of menus that you can see from outside the store.



There was fried rice set meal at the set meal, and I came for it.

Because it is afternoon, only a couple of customers have a chance to face calm and just the right fried rice.

And there’s a Chinese artist’s song in the store

The clerk hums a little.

The order is decided by fried rice set meal as the beginning!




And several people are taking a break after eating, and it is now unusual to smoke at lunch.

In the past, there were many places where restaurants in the Osaka Ekimae Building were mostly tobacco OK, but by the way, I was a former smoker who stopped several years ago

After the meal, especially after eating the greasy thing, drink a little cold water

I remember the good thing after that.

There are memories of that bliss, and neither smoker’s enemy nor ally,

Chinese and tobacco go together.

While thinking about such a thing, fried rice set meal appeared! !




There are so many fried rice, nearly 3 cups of rice in a bowl.

This is a pretty limited amount for teens and 20s.

The ingredients are orthodox fried rice containing cut ham and eggs and leeks.

The taste is slightly light and it seems to contain some salt, umami seasoning and a little bit of Chinese soup stock

It is a very thin flavor. Keep the size of the feeling that the eggs are not stir-fried.

And unfortunately, the fried chicken was cold and hardened, and it gnaged in about 4 mouths. Spring rolls are slightly cold

* I thought it was an accidental product because it was late afternoon, and later I was written by Google’s evaluation, and some people thought that the fried chicken was cold …
It is provided from the amount that has been regularly cooled or moderately fried and stored. Sorry.


The soup contained a little bit of the thick broth of Chinese broth, and the impression of deep-fried chicken was strong, and I felt this too warm.

780 yen including tax, including dessert-like bean paste! Reasonable price. This is attractive!

It is gentle to the body with a thin seasoning, and there is a large amount, so it is a fried rice firmly that can fill the belly.

Fried rice parameters

店名:美食天地 遙華
住所:大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-1-3 大阪駅前第3ビル B2F