There is a variety of shops around Juso Station where you can eat and play, but this is a surprising and delicious rare “Kagimoto”
くる天 人気ブログランキング

I’m at Juso Station! Of course, there are many places to eat and drink in downtown

I found a store that offers a menu that I can only eat here

I want to go!

There is a shop on the east side of Jusan Station, but it goes out of the shopping street and takes a little shape.

* The location on the map is diagonally right above Juso Station

That’s why I arrived!



“Kagimoto”, a restaurant with a very modest name

It’s an open-the-door feeling with a vinyl sheet open.

Lunch menu is tan and noodles without soup

And there is a daily set

Rice or fried rice can be attached to tantan noodles.

The order was decided by a fried rice set of soup-less tan noodles! (800 yen for a set!)

I wanted to take a picture of the menu after this

The menu was lowered and I couldn’t shoot …

At first came the tan noodles without soup, and then a little fried rice.



Tantan noodles are a lot! The fried rice was a yellowish golden fried rice with lots of eggs, roasted in a kitchen while shaking Gakkon Bakkon and a wok.

Ingredients are mainly eggs and a small amount of green onions.

It’s not really salty, but it’s a seasoning with salt that works well, and it contains umami seasonings, but it’s just that salt is so delicious
I really like the newly discovered taste, Watashishi Onigiri,
That’s why this is quite delicious.

And boiled noodles without juice and noodles,
The spicy oil and peanuts that are not too hot

However, as you can see in the picture, you can eat out with 7 mouths if you get excited.

Well, it didn’t exist, so we ended with about 15 mouths.

So here is the point that I thought this set was good

There is only surplus of tantan noodles that have been eaten. Spoon it and dive into fried rice to eat.


This is also delicious, so I think I should sell it as juiceless juice.

I hope there’s also a lot

If you get older, you’ll have less carbohydrates, so if you don’t know how much you think it’s really good, but you don’t know how to think about it, but it’s a croquette until you leave the store and return to the shopping street a little. Although he fills the stomach gap at the shop, he just swings a delicious pot.

Fried rice parameters