Discovered in the Osaka Ekimae Building, continental Chinese also in such places! ? Rinka kitchen where you can eat a great deal of fried rice lunch
くる天 人気ブログランキング

I found it at the third of four Osaka station buildings.

There was a shop quietly, but with a great lunch menu.

The name is “Linya Kitchen” and the shop is located in Osaka Station Third Building.

Before going in, I went back and forth once to check the inside. Actually, in the afternoon, when the number of customers was few, the inside of the store was releasing a mysterious aura with a quiet atmosphere

Check back and forth with a little confirmation.

I do this well, but I happen to have an eye with the shopkeeper, switch from a state of dead fish eyes to a lively eye light
“Oh, come on! There are seats available !!”
If you don’t want to enter it, you may feel awkward.
When going back and forth, I check the inside of the store with an oblique line of sight.

There was something delicious on the menu!

Fried rice, mapo tofu, fried chicken and soup @ lunch 880 yen.
This is pretty good




It is hard to see, but it is below the white sign.

The menu looks good, so just enter the store! !

I couldn’t tell from the outside, but suddenly a Chinese artist’s song was playing, and the shopkeeper was humming …

I was seated at the table because it was vacant. The order is decided by the set of fried rice that I saw on the signboard.

The order is transmitted to the kitchen, and the woman who seems to be a shopkeeper continues to sing songs by a Chinese artist
* Just because it was the rust part, it seems more comfortable because I feel more excited.

After a while, fried rice and mapo tofu are completed, and fried chicken and soup are completed soon after.



It is a lunch that feels great. There are also three large-size fried chicken types.

First, the fried rice was lightly seasoned, fried with salt, pepper and umami seasoning, and the ingredients were eggs and a little onion
The oily feeling is a slightly stronger moist fried rice. It is quite delicious.

The fried chicken also has a slightly seasoned flavor with a magic powder-like red salt next to it, which is delicious when attached.

Mapo tofu is less spicy and has a slightly unique flavor. Soup is mysterious with a mysterious aroma.

I use soup stock from animals, but it has a slight smell.

A restaurant that can be used as a Chinese bar where you can drink alcohol at night, 4 seats 3 tables, counter 5 seats
You may have a small banquet.

Only the soup has a strange scent, I do not know what dashi
But humming happily is every day with good proof and good life! For you.

Fried rice parameters

住所:大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-1-3 大阪駅前第3ビル B2F