Paella if fried rice changes country! ? Freshly baked paella lunch at Higashidori Shopping Street
くる天 人気ブログランキング

Today, I went to Higashi-dori shopping street to find delicious fried rice.

By the way, everyone thinks fried rice is rice fried with ingredients in an iron pan

If the country changes, the name will change,

I guess Spanish paella refers to something similar to fried rice in terms of nationality, but how is it?

It ’s a dish that you can cook with soup

The final product is burnt rice with burnt charcoal, but …

Well, with my recognition as a cousin of fried rice, I want to eat paella today!




Doo! ?

Mica sea plus

It’s a Spanish bar, but we also have paella for lunch.

I’ve been worried for a long time and would like to force myself to recognize my cousin for fried rice.

Four types of paella menu


Decided on minced meat and eggs.

It takes about 15 minutes to make from raw rice

It’s like a young sales clerk, who seems to be doing a good job from preparation

I was doing everything from cutting food ingredients to preparing soup like bouillabaisse.

The assortment of tapas came before the paella was served,

It seems to be included in the evening grand menu and the taste is quite delicious,

Tapas are mostly cold

On a cold winter day, your body gets a little cold.

Well, the appearance of paella!


It smells very delicious when freshly baked.

It’s about io resources along the way, and it also provides it.

The taste is crisp and crisp inside and very delicious!

Applying an aio resource makes it sour and works well with paella.

I took many times in the second half.

The large serving may be slightly higher at plus 200 yen,

It’s delicious and worth 200 yen.

Paella, close to home, with good preparation

The glass of water is big and the toothpick is on the table

It’s convenient!

Fried rice parameters

店名:ミ・カシータ プリュス