Takatsuki, a town where you can live, is healed by the warm reception of clerks.
くる天 人気ブログランキング

I ’m a char hunter.
This time I came to JR Takatsuki Station for the first time in a long time. Speaking of JR Takatsuki, since last time in dumpling heaven.
JR and Hankyu are close enough to be selected as the 10th place to live in Osaka
There are department stores, supermarkets, shopping districts and bars, so you can feel comfortable living.
However, Green Plaza and Matsuzakaya are a little spirited, so do your best! !

Because there are various shops, I want to conquer around the station for the time being
This time, we will be at a tandan noodle shop called “Kyodan  Takatsuki” near the store in front of Al Plaza near JR Takatsuki Station.
I also focus on fried rice menu, so I went to eat it by all means.

It is a relatively long and slender, sharp store that is quiet and plump.
I think that if you arrange the bicycles neatly, you can get about 4 bicycles. Please be careful as it is quite crowded at noon.

The menu is very simple and I feel confident in the taste. About fried rice, lettuce fried rice
Two kinds of crab bean fried rice.
And for those who can eat gutsly, there is also a set with Tandan noodles, and if the wallet is not a little strong, it will exceed 1000 yen lightly …
This time, I would like to ask for the highest rank, Kani!

There were quite a few customers in the store and I couldn’t take photos, but it was about 10 seats only at the counter.
Of course, the kitchen is also long and thin, with three people feeling like noodles, fried rice, billing, cleaning up the seats, and stuff,
The customer service is warm and the store is not busy but it feels good.
The order remains unchanged before entering, and I order crab bean fried rice.

Looking around, there are relatively many sets of Dandan noodles and fried rice, and while thinking that everyone has enough money
The next big elderly man was eating Wandan noodles and fried rice as if to slurp.


I noticed that the wok was very beautiful and silvery, so I thought
Maybe I started working on the fried rice I ordered,
First put the raw eggs in a jar, then put a little cold rice
Stir fry with the soft-boiled egg on the upper side, and put what seems to be fine leek which is finely cut the white part of the core of leek
There was something else in it, but something couldn’t be determined.
Put the salt and a lot of umami seasoning powder into the place where it is fried for about 1 minute.
Or Guru Ace? ? Probably the seasoning around it.
Add lettuce to the place where it was fried for about 30 seconds, then dive into the dish with a cool and hot pot sounding close to the final process.
The noodle boiling machine where the noodles are boiled is kept warm in the corner, and the ankake is filled with ladle.

That’s why “Kananikake Fried Rice” is completed



It is very delicious, with a moderately thin sauce on the fried rice
There are XO soybeans and bean plate soybeans on the counter, and adding a little bit will change the taste and make it delicious.
Be careful because the tofu board is spicy.
While eating, the clerk came with three people in two seats empty and said that please wait a little longer
I’m sorry, even if you eat and pay the attention of the person next to the 2 vacant seats to make 3 seats and leave the account. It’s a warm word, and I can’t say it looks great, but it’s a good customer service.
The fried rice is a tasty fried rice that is delicious without any problem.

Fried rice parameters

店名:京担 高槻店