Seven-Eleven Superintendent of Ginza Delhi Dry curry was delicious which jumped several times in arrangement
くる天 人気ブログランキング

Frozen food of Seven Eleven this time
I wonder if this is a new work. I bought “Ginza Delhi supervision under dry curry”.
It is quite luxury goods at about 300 yen. Well it’s natural to be a convenience store …

It looks delicious as I also see the package.
By the way, with Ginza Deli
Because I attach with Ginza, I think that it is expensive, or about a setting like a little expensive Indian curry shop.
It is high normally, but with Ginza, it seems a bit cheaper if it’s a kore,
Words with magical power, Ginza. It seems that this is supervised.
However, there is no menu of dry curry itself, hmm, hmm.


Manufacturer is Nichirei Foods! This is also a company that has a reputation for frozen foods.
The ingredients are also abundantly abundant, carrots, green peas, onions, bacon, shrimp and mushrooms.

Well I think I’d like to do it easily with a microwave oven this time.
And because it is one device, because it is dry curry it will chin with raw egg.
Since the lap is put on the photo after putting on the egg, it looks dull.



I put about half of the package
I tried it at 500 W for 4 minutes.

Oops. I did it a bit too much … I like mathematics.
About 3 minutes 30 seconds may be a good line.
Clearly the lap stuck on the edge, it looks like a vacuum pack.
Beware of burns when peeling off!




At the moment when I took a lap, steam or steam is becoming hot like a hell.


Whether there is a lot of ingredients but the amount included is a bit lonely.
The taste is slightly darker and the curry flavor works and it is tasty.
The accent with omelette was also good, and it was a dish that the Pakpaku spoon that I want to eat half as well is a dish.
I felt somewhat darker than a commercially available dry curry such as supermarket.
Taste it! !

Purchase shop: Seven Eleven