Even more if the dark eyes rice cooks like honey and Hakata dumplings. Osaka station front 4th building “Noodle ‘s room Kamigaura”
くる天 人気ブログランキング

I went to a shop in Osaka station front 4th building to reputation that it is tasty of Umai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen.

There is a shop near the Marugame noodle on the 1st basement of the 4th building.
It is just before the communication passage to the next building.
(There are many cases that the underground shopping center is a bit confusing and the shops I knew before can not arrive soon.
The shops change somewhat and the scenery will change. )

When I passed in front of the store before, the customers were quite lined up
Thinking that it would be a famous shop
At that time there was no time, so I could not go …
I am going to go near at work this time and my wish has come true.




The basic God Tiger Ramen seems to be a W soup which combines Hakata’s Tonkotsu and Kansai soup stock

I wonder if this is the most popular.

But since I like Marin Oil, I made it to fried rice with black tiger ramen.

Because it is thing that it is okay with fried rice with free service

I made it to a great heap! !

※ Because there is a company health check up soon, it is said that people who kept carbohydrates had been suppressed before
I have to refrain from carbohydrates …
You should do it if you are told that it is a huge sum!



There was a feeling of work that the shop clerk of Shimashima Ron T – shirt made a cup of gem made a gruel.

Fried rice well fried

The color is deep candy and it looks delicious again.

From the taste of fried rice, with a magical flavor

It is Japanese-style Japanese-style soy sauce-based rice dish. Is it because you put in a ramen sashimi chashu which is also in ramen?

Delicious with its tender taste and salty taste slightly effective.

Equipment is eggs and green onions and a few of them.

Because it is on the heyday, there is a ramen noodle and red ginger on the desk to change the taste on the way

When you add red ginger, it is a very good fried rice like beef bowl + red ginger,

This is worth trying.



Ramen is a ramen with soup of slightly flavorful taste poured in tonkotsu

It seems like a soup with a combination of Hakata Tonkotsu and Kansai’s soup, the umami is like its soup stock.

Is it about bonito or boiled down?

Ramen is also very tasty.

Fried rice parameters